Vasily Kostin, tech entrepreneur
I am a technology entrepreneur, digital marketer, investor, founder of Boson Group and related companies:

Accord Digital is an advertising agency founded in 2009. It is named one of the TOP-10 digital agencies in Wester Europe.
AppDate Agency, established in 2015, develops mobile applications.
BiShop Agency builds e-commerce websites since 2015., founded in 2018, provides marketing services for banks.
The most recent project launched in 2020 is Huntica, a virtual interviewing service with Artificial Intelligence.
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For more than 10 years, my team and I have created hundreds projects that are significant for the industry.
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As a digital entrepreneur and a founder of multiple companies, Vasily Kostin has had his fair share of recruitment observations across various sectors. His experience, expertise, and insights have been pivotal in developing a revolutionary platform to improve the hiring process, regardless of the industry.

Huntica is the Boson Group’s flagship product. As a platform that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and video interviewing technology to deliver unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition, it is set to be one of the most promising HR

Boson Group's latest flagship product, Huntica, aims to address the critical pain points in the hiring process through features no other HR techs have ever offered before. According to Kostin, the human element is still vital despite the need for fast turnarounds only made possible by machine learning and multiple algorithms.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Vasily Kostin and his team at Boson Group Inc., Huntica is a groundbreaking platform that offers AI-powered virtual interviews.

The US job market, marked by its low unemployment rate of around 3%, is in dire need of efficient recruitment solutions. This is the main playing field for Huntica, a ground-breaking platform crafted by Vasily Kostin and his dedicated team at Boson Group Inc. While Huntica's foundation is built on advanced AI technology, its essence is deeply rooted in genuine human interaction.

Huntica has adopted a modern recruitment approach by integrating AI-driven interviews and assessments. Through machine learning algorithms, the platform provides a more nuanced evaluation of candidates during video interviews. This method ensures both consistency and impartiality through its structured Interviewing system.

This is an interview with Vasily Kostin, owner and CEO of Accord Digital, about the digital advertising market, the way agencies compete with each other, and important industry changes over the last few years.

The Huntica service will allow employers to interview candidates with the help of a “robot” according to a prepared scenario. Unlike competing services, the interview is conducted by a real actor who was recorded earlier.

In this article, the CEO of Boson Group, Vasily Kostin, shares his experience in the development of Accord, the digital agency. As a result of the consistent implementation of a multi-year strategy, the agency has turned into Boson Group and is growing at a three-digit rate year after year.

The new startup helps both individuals and entities to get money in the Uber format from dozens of banks while the interest rate starts at 10% per annum. Becoming the first investor of the project, Boson Group invested 15 million rubles into

An interview with Vasily Kostin, owner of the Boson Group, about the digital advertising market, the competition between different agencies, and important industry changes over the past few years.

The agency launches an advertising campaign for Abbot division.

"Miss Russia" contest is not just the fifty most beautiful Russian girls in one place, it is also a very difficult project in terms of implementation. Vasily Kostin, CEO of Boson Group and head of the advertising agency Accord Digital, shared the specifics of working on such a project.

Boson Group, a brand that brings together companies from different industries, will provide its customers with a single client service regardless of the kinds of digital services the customers seek.

Any business requires a 100% commitment 24 hours a day, but only the strength of the team and the audacity of its leader can result in success.

Facebook will launch geolocation-based ads that will tell businesses the location of potential customers. Vasily Kostin made a comment about the news.

Accord Digital will have to convince the brand's target audience: BMW cars should be bought and serviced in the "Independence" company only.

Accord Digital advertising agency has won a one-year tender from Takeda (Nycomed) to develop, promote, and support a specialized project for doctors.

Accord Digital agency will create a premium called "Rich Club" for connoisseurs of high quality English products.

Accord Digital аgency has developed a brand website for Beluga premium vodka.

The founder of VKontakte has created a new version of the Telegram messenger. This is how the entrepreneur is trying to reclaim a lost business, experts say. Vasily Kostin also made a comment about the news.

Accord Digital agency has expanded its client list with a new partner - Alcohol Siberian Group.

The agency won a digital tender of the Alcohol Siberian Group.

Advertising companies' interest in Russian online movie streaming platforms has grown. The revenue from the sale of advertising at the largest streaming platforms has increased several times over the past year.

Boson Group announces the launch of a new agency on e-commerce market.

Accord Digital announces the launch of a new exclusive platform that allows effective advertising campaigns be held on e-commerce platforms.

When hiring, top managers of companies not only pay attention but also follow the personal accounts of job candidates on social media.

Accord Digital announces the launch of a new exclusive platform that allows effective advertising campaigns be held on e-commerce platforms.

Accord Digital won two tenders to promote Spanish olives on the Russian market. The agency will promote the idea that olives is a product from Spain, which implies higher quality.

Awards & Recognition
We are proud that our work is highly ranked by the market.
  • TOP-10 Digital Agencies in Russia
    Accord Digital has been among the TOP-10
    digital agencies in Russia since 2014 til 2020.
  • Best SMM Campaign for FMCG Brand
    Our Myagkov & Playboy project received
    the award in 2016.
  • Best Mass Media Mobile App
    AppDate Аgency was granted this award for creating
    an app for a Publishing House «Kommersant» in 2018.
  • Best Integrated Campaign
    In 2016, Accord Digital was awarded
    for the Myagkov brand campaign.
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